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Since 2004, Quebec maple syrup producers have invested heavily in promotion and market development to boost the profile, visibility, value, and sales of maple products nationally and internationally.

Initially, generic promotions were rapidly introduced in Quebec to help offset the seasonal nature of maple products, whereas international efforts targeted the main export markets in Japan and then the United States. The FPAQ also invested in medium and long-term market research, competitive intelligence, innovation, and partnerships.

Today, MAPLE FROM QUEBEC is FPAQ’s brand for promoting and developing Quebec maple syrup products.

In recent years, FPAQ has introduced various maple content platforms to reach different maple target groups.


logo_creatifs_erable_coulMaple Masters is a culinary innovation showcase. The program brings together 100 artisans carefully chosen for their talent and love of maple products. In every corner of Quebec, Maple Masters are busy raising the profile of maple in all its forms—traditional, gourmet, modern, innovative, surprising, and more.



Maple from Québec has been the official energy source of the Fédération québécoise des sports cyclistes (FQSC). Being 100% pure, without added colourants or préservatives, maple syrup is the perfect Partner for training. Curious for yourself? Maple syrup-based sports drinks and homemade snacks are generally healthy options – get inspired by our recipes!


is THE go-to source for all things maple. The content on this website is 100% pure maple—history, products, health benefits, and more than 400 maple-based recipes.


These initiatives help spur demand for Quebec maple products in our domestic markets (36% increase in Quebec maple syrup consumption since 2007) to the benefit of all.

International Promotion

Along with these promotional initiatives targeting the FPAQ’s priority market of Quebec—all of which are entirely funded by Quebec producers—FPAQ also spearheads Canadian maple industry promotional activities in Japan and the United States, and more recently in India and the United Kingdom. Some of these activities are funded by the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAC) Agri-Marketing Program.


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